Monday, September 12, 2011

Downieville Show

My first Downieville experience was great! A beautiful mountain town, great company, some awesome bottles, and a memorable experience. A BIG THANK YOU to the D-Ville crew for putting together a killer BBQ & Show. These are 2 pics I snapped of some nice fifths that showed up at the D-Ville BBQ on Friday evening. Does anyone else have any pictures or want to do a write up on the show?


  1. Great pics of the J. Moores & United We Stand, thanks for the post Lance!
    Ditto on the great BBQ and Show, hats off to the Downieville crew!!
    Denny Bray

  2. I was a Downieville Show virgin this year, too. Just an unforgettable experience that I’ll savor forever. Thanks to all the ladies and gents that worked so hard to make this happen. A super special thanks go out to Rick & Cherry for their unbelievable hospitality, not just one evening, but two evenings in a row! You two are special people.

    A very positive social aspect of this hobby shined brightly on my trip to Downieville. It was good times well spent traveling with my digging buddy, as well as visiting with collecting friends that opened their homes up along the way. The time spent in Downieville was clearly the icing on the cake!

    As for the show, some quality glass appeared on tables throughout the hall. I bagged my first Pacific Congress deer and belly-button barrel, as well as a few other Western color pieces and swirls. I missed a beautiful amber Wonsers, but my buddy that snagged it assures me I have first dibs down the road. Western blob sodas were in abundance and several found new homes. Just about everyone I talked with made some key buys, or key sales. Smiles abounded.

    Am I hooked on the Downieville Show? How can I not be?

  3. The soda offerings at the table of IXL & M.S. were probably the highest quality of any show I've ever attended. I have tried to keep the core of my best sodas over the years, but have had to let a few go to get the whiskeys. Their inventory was the type of offering that would take lots of time, effort, luck, & money to acquire....And how do you choose between Mr. Sacrimento/Sacramento's, blue & green Williams Severance's, W&B Shasta, GREEN Owen Casey, Lynde Putnam, Ghiradelli, no address Reiner's, Chase, Boley, B&G, W.H. Burt, Sac Eagles, Cudworths, Taylor Eureka, etc....I had to make 2 educated guesses & still walked away with nightmares of when I will see that many quality sodas again at one table.

  4. Totally Awesome!

    Check out the article.


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