Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You be the judge

True to his word, Andy V. had his friend shoot photos of his Hassmer. I received them this morning.

The base style of both Andy's, as well as my glop and tool top, are all what Thomas termed style one "1870 - 1890 / Majority of older whiskies". The texture of the base on my glop fairly smooth,

whereas Andy's has the texture of an orange.

One thing is for sure though; whomever applied the tops on both sure didn't skimp on the amount of glass used. Take a look at that spillover!

Anyway; Pontiled or not?

What say ye?


  1. Not pontiled.

    I have many whiskies from the 1870s and early 80's with this effect, with some being more pronounced/textured than the base shown in the photo. My guess is it was caused from the mould being too cold.

    Thanks for posting the photos Andy.


  2. You guys are more knowledgable than I am, I just felt that the bottom was fairly unique. I have seen quite a few of these and the bottoms were all smooth or had numbers on em. Anyways if ya say it is not pontiled then, its not pontiled.......Andy V

  3. No, not pontilled as AP stated. This "phenomenon" is also known to occur on Jesse Moore, Sole Agent fifths, Cutter Circles, and a few others. Occasionally the "stippled effect" will also creep up the sides of the bottle.


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