Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspired by Glass....

A few years ago I drew a sketch of the J.F. Cutter Extra logo during a plane flight to Reno....after reading my John L. Thomas whiskey book! I also threw in the pick and shovel as the means for unearthing many of the old bottles we search for and collect. Recently, while on my honeymoon in Maui(Lahaina), my wife encouraged me to join in with her and get a tattoo of something I am passionate about. And although there is certainly much more to life than digging and collecting old glass, it is a pretty accurate representation of the things I love to do and what I focus on most during my free time. I decided to pass on a more generic tattoo like an eagle, flames, or barbed wire, and so chose something that was more unique to what I like.

Unfortuneately, I won't beable to make it to the Reno,NV Show this year, but thought this would serve as a fitting reminder of the awesome J.F. Cutter "Star & Shield" Showdown display at last year's Show.

So what about the other arm? Maybe a Fenkhausen Bear, Phoenix, or a Gold Dust, eh?? But I think I'm done for now....


  1. The artist did not do the "sf" r's

  2. Now that is a commitment! The artist must have been thinking Variant 1. Maybe an older artist...
    Lance, you are one of a kind awesome, sorry you won't be in Reno.

  3. Very cool Lance. I dont ever recall seeing anyone with a bottle logo tatoo. You might be the first. Could be the start of a new trend !

    You might consider a Clubhouse monogram for the other arm... Ha !

  4. Anonymous-
    I had a tough time deciding between the straight R's or curved R's, but ended up going with the earlier variant. Now we just need a few others to cover the curved "R" & Flat Top "A" variants. Do you want to volunteer ;)

    Sole Agent-
    Thanks! I'm not too sure too many others will follow, but I am trying to convince my younger bro to get a picture Nabob, since it's his favorite whiskey!
    If I ever dig a clubhouse I'd consider it, but I wanted the tattoo to relate to what I have, what I collect & what I've dug.

  5. Looks good Lance. You won't be the only one!! I have one specific full bottle that I will be getting inked, of course...leaving space for future "unique" pieces once they are dug!! You'll be missed at Reno.
    David S.

  6. HaHa, Your a Wild Man, I guess your wanna Buy that Tobacco Olivey Amber one I have? DB

  7. I almost spent as much on the tattoo as a real J.F. Cutter!?!? The one you have seemed like a pretty nice example. I'd like to handle it up close again....Maybe I can convince my family & wife to pool together enough for my birthday present, as it's my only hope of getting a decent bottle any time soon. The wedding, honeymoon, & "honey-do's," have put me on the sidelines until Auburn...and the chances of digging a J.F. in S.D. nowadays are about as likely as being struck by lighting 12 times.

  8. I think you're super fly! I loved helping you with this! -love.
    Your wife

  9. Ohhhhhh no, my wife just hacked into my account....wait a minute, maybe it's because she is growing fonder of glob top fifths from the Old West!?!?


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