Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bottle research continues on...

I thought many of the followers to this site might find this interesting. After publishing my book last December and distributing the 125 copies to the purchasers, I took a break from my exhaustive researching, however the last three months has been pretty productive in trying to narrow down more precise dating for some bottles that have a wide range of opinions as to when they were embossed. Here's a list of what I've been able to prove through written evidence.

A. Barbier Aromatic Schnapps - August 1857
Rowler's Rheumatism Medicine - August 1861
Fish's Infallible Hair Restorative(rectangular bottle)- April 1863
Fish's Infallible Hair Restorative(round bottle) - November 1864
J. F. Cutter Extra Old Bourbon - February 1871

I read the comment by Dale Mlasko and will try to answer his inquiry here as an addendum to this post since his comment has been erased. The Fish's bottles story involves 4 major players, I have been working on the complete story on this product for awhile now and hopefully will post it shortly. It will make it much clearer as to why the bottles came when they did.
As far as the Rowler's bottle, some collectors attribute it to the first or second glassworks as their product. My recent information does not lead me to that conclusion anymore.
The Adolphus bottle I believe is a product of the first S.F.G.W., although I do not have real strong evidence to back this opinion up. Hopefully in the future a more concrete conclusion can be had.
Recently I have been very intrigued with the Turner's square bottles, and have very recently come across interesting information concerning these bottles. Ever since the Auburn show two years ago when a few collectors brought examples of these to compare, I have wondered whether all 7 mold variants were made in the East and whether any of those molds were brought West for use. I am finding the information on this very interesting.


  1. Warren, Thank you for the countless hours of research you have endured to provide the rest of us this historically important information.
    I still have a hard time getting my head around the rectangular Fish's being so early, and especially earlier than the blue cylinder. I do know that advertising for the Fish's alludes to the "new" round bottle with N. Mills embossed, but is it possible the rectangular version was unembossed in 1863? The aqua examples I have seen just do not seem that early to me, and I had one in a deep aqua with a single roll applied collar which "looked" like 1870s.
    Another question; With the Rowler's being 1861 ( I know they come open pontiled too), do you believe they are western made by San Francisco Glassworks? They sure come out of the ground clean. If so, they would be in the Bowen's and Adolphus timeframe, correct? Dale M.

  2. In regards to the 1863 date for the rect Fish's: If Markota's dates of 1863-64 for the XLCR Brader soda are correct, then that would certainly convince me of the 1863 start on the rect Fish's. Here's why; a number of years ago, while digging an 1860's layer, I recovered intact, an aqua (eastern mold)rect Fish's and an XLCR Brader side by side. The very tight date of 1863-64 for the Brader sure fits well with what Warren came up with on the Fish's.
    I would leave open for discussion that the Western blown rect Fish's could be a little later.


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